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Immigration New Zealand - Covid 19 Travel Restrictions

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is one of several border agencies working closely with airlines, airports and the Ministry of Health in order to manage this rapidly evolving situation.

The New Zealand border is currently closed to almost all travellers to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The travel ban applies to all arrivals into New Zealand whether it is by air or sea. This includes super yachts arriving in New Zealand.

New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and residents with valid travel conditions (excluding people granted a resident visa outside New Zealand and who are travelling to New Zealand on that resident visa for the first time) may travel to and enter New Zealand.

There are a small number of additional, limited exceptions to the ban on travelling to and entering New Zealand. The following people should seek approval from INZ using the limited exceptions process:

  • Partners, dependent children (aged 24 years and under) and legal guardians of New Zealand citizens and residents
  • Australian citizens and permanent resident who normally live in New Zealand
  • People with one of the following critical purposes in New Zealand:
  1. Essential health workers
  2. Other essential workers who are specifically agreed to by the New Zealand Government
  3. Samoan and Tongan citizens making essential travel
  4. New Zealand-based partners and dependent children (aged 19 years and under) of a work or student visa holder who is in New Zealand
  5. Critical humanitarian travel.

People seeking to travel to New Zealand because they meet one of these limited exceptions should first request consideration.

If travel is considered likely to be justified, despite the travel ban, then they may be asked to provide further information so a special visa or variation to their current visa can be granted. The starting point for consideration is that the New Zealand border is closed for all but critical travel, and that protecting public health in New Zealand is paramount.

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