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In 2018, 64,000 new immigrants made the journey to live and settle in New Zealand. This is set to rise as the New Zealand Government continues to encourage skilled migrants to enter the country, to help ease the skills shortage. If your skills are in the trades, hospitality, finance, engineering, health and education, there is no shortage of opportunities available to you.

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Project Manager

Primary Objectives

  • The Project Manager is responsible for planning, managing and delivering high-value construction projects whilst ensuring they are completed efficiently, safely and profitably to the highest standard. 
  • They will act as the principal company representative on the construction site and the key contact for sub-contractors, architects, engineers and shall be responsible for keeping the client updated on progress.  
  • As a pivotal member of the Operations department, the Project Manager must lead by example and positively contribute to the team, championing the Company’s ‘Inside the Box’ culture, providing day-to-day guidance and mentoring of team members, whilst directly and indirectly contributing towards day-to-delivery, competitive strategy and EBIT target achievement.

Key Tasks
In addition to the duties normally associated with the position of a site-based Project Manager, your key tasks will include the following:


  • Comply with authority levels as per the Southbase Delegated Authorities Matrix.
  • Develop an excellent understanding of all aspects of Southbase’s internal businesses processes, procedures and policies. 
  • Constructively participate in all work environments to the benefit of the business, demonstrating support to company values at all time.
  • Take steps to create and maintain exceptional workplace culture and recognizing others that do so.
  • Acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge related to competent job performance.
  • Adhere to agreed Company policy requirements, standard operating procedures and internal competency application.   


  • Manage the delivery of the project in conjunction with key functional relationships on a day to day basis to ensure that systems and processes are running smoothly, customer expectations are being met and the company is operating efficiently and profitably on-site.
  • Ensure that construction programmes are being followed.
  • To provide management focus over a broad range of activities that will contribute to growth and financial performance of the project for the business.  
  • Take responsibility for all decisions and actions taken by company staff and subcontractors on site.
  • Ensure that the site is presented to the client on completion and it exceeds expectation.
  •  Read and interpret construction documentations and ensure the quality of workmanship meets the drawings and specification requirements, resolve any discrepancies reported. 
  • Lead and take ownership of established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • Ensure that internal competencies are being worked towards and completed by site team.
  • Ensure that deliverables are in line with the agreed standard and tasks are completed within the required timeframes, as well as participating in structured company audits. 
  • Have an excellent understanding of all aspects of Southbase’s internal businesses. processes.

Maintain internal and external relationships

  • Ensure high level of customer service is provided, along with the profitability and growth of the company. 
  • Ensure superior customer service at all times, communicating with client(s) as required on progress.
  • Maintain positive relationships with subcontractors and, where relevant, suppliers.
  • Ensure all communication within the team is open and clear and reflects company values.
  • Growing the brand at every opportunity presented by marketing Southbase’s capabilities services whenever appropriate.
  • Hunting out new opportunities to grow the business to maximise utilisation of people.

Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E)

  • Understand, promote and implement HS&E policies and procedures as well as actively participating in all aspects of HS&E throughout the company.
  • Ensure that all Health and Safety procedures are followed on site and that staff site understand and comply with the requirements of company HS&E policy, relevant Acts of Parliament, Local Body By-Laws and employment relations requirements.
  • At all times operate in the work environment in a safe manner and to the standards required. 
  • Understand and demonstrate sound knowledge of the Building Code.


  • Prepare Project Management Plans (PMPs) in accordance with company procedure and ensure all personnel on the work site understand and comply with the requirements of these plans.
  • Ensure all personnel on the work site understand and comply with the requirements of the Head Contract and Specifications. 
  • Ensure risks associated with all trades are assessed prior to each trade commencing work on site and ensure appropriate mitigation procedures are put in place and adhered to.
  • Ensure that all subcontractors, including specialist subcontractors, carry out their works in accordance with contract documents.
  • Ensure that appropriate records are kept of all events, instructions and meetings and that all documents are properly and safely recorded and stored.
  • Maintain responsibility for supervision of rectification of defect works and other associated work after practical completion whether or not a maintenance manager is involved.


  • Ensure projects are completed on time and that programme up to date throughout construction.
  • Produce construction methodologies and programs which accurately define the project and comply with the contract requirements.
  • Ensure effect of delays are analysed (within 20 days) and claims for extension of time are prepared and substantiated for Client’s representatives.


  • Supervise the approval of payment to all subcontractors and suppliers in conjunction with the Quantity Surveyor.
  • Ensure all material deliveries are formally recorded and appropriate dockets signed by the Quantity Surveyor. 
  • Ensure that all purchase orders, including those initiated by the Site Management team are co-ordinated with the Quantity Surveyor.

Contract Management

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the Head contract and associated documents.
  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship with key people related to our contract. 
  • Understand and execute contract documentation and budget structure for projects.
  • Maintain and/or exceed our position in regard to the contract with the client.
  • Extract the best possible position and value from the contract.

Staff Management

  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership and actively use this to develop successful, high performing teams.
  • Assist with the recruitment of staff following set processes.
  • Participate in performance management of site teams in conjunction with the National Operations Manager and HR Manager, promoting staff development.
  • Support the Leadership Teams within the business by creating and maintaining exceptional workplace culture, ensuring that all conduct is in line with The Code.

Your other responsibilities may include any other duties that we may reasonably require you to do. We may change your duties from time to time to reflect the changing requirements of your position and the business.

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