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Key Project Engineer

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Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

The Key Project Engineer is responsible for:

  • Delivering maximum Hilti Share of Wallet (SOW) measured through sales on assigned Class A projects. 
  • Building and delivering a multi-level strategy on each assigned focus project with a high performing, cross-functional project team to maximize Hilti’s penetration on the projects focusing on customer loyalty and key applications (with a priority on specifiable).
  • Identifying and selling engineering services by developing strong customer relations on site and with key accounts involved in the project
  • Influentially leading and developing sales and engineering teams’ capability by sharing best practice in project management strategies to penetrate accounts and to maximize loyalty and sales
  • Maximising the conversion of leads into sales of Hilti products.
  • Strive to be a full project partner with all key project stakeholders on the assigned focus projects to achieve the supplier of choice status through commercial framework agreements.
  • Drive collaboration across internal stakeholders such as engineering and sales to deliver high performing teams that strive for maximum Hilti relevant potential (HRP) on your assigned focus projects. 
  • Deliver comprehensive project monitoring and reporting utilising Salesforce.

Responsibility: Project Management 

Expected end result
Maximise SOW. Develop strong customer relationships with accounts and specifiers on these projects. Strive for 100% coverage of customer base involved in a project. Convert specified Hilti products into sales and maximise the sales of all Hilti products.

Major actions required
Manage projects from concept to operate stage. Map relevant external stakeholders and ensure Hilti are front of mind for all key applications. Harmonize project activities by building up the project team, assigning tasks and coordinating activities. Identify core applications and their NS target. Conversion of specifier applications/ solution selling. The KPE will have rresponsibility of leading the internal coordination for the project fulfillment (e.g. forecasting, supply chain planning, logistics/delivery coordination)

Project monitoring utilising Salesforce with all Hilti relevant applications identified and entered. Specifications achieved and conversion to sales. Project sales compared to project HRP. SOW

Responsibility: Indirect Leadership

Expected end result
Drive, assist and support project teams (e.g. ASM’s, FE’s, AM’s, Specialists) to maximize project penetration focusing on customer loyalty and key specifiable applications

Major actions required
Build up strong project teams, set up a direction and assign tasks and align activities. Effective communication and information flow between project team with transparency of activities. Influencing Sales, Engineering and Marketing leaders to drive project outcomes.  Develop capability of Sales and Engineering teams by sharing best practice in project management and strategies to maximise loyalty and sales. 

Achievement of KPI’s, feedback

Responsibility: Account Development (Project Stakeholders)

Expected end result
Develop business and relationships with relevant project accounts to fully achieve business opportunities and account penetration. Continuously fill pipeline of accounts to ensure they progress through the loyalty journey.

Major actions required
Project manage internal teams to execute account development to execute account development on the assigned focus projects. Where required influencing the account development outcomes to ensure maximum SOW on your projects. Work with the teams to develop a clearly formulated action plan to achieve goals to deeply penetrate the account making Hilti the preferred provider of hardware, software and services. Apply over proportionate effort to Focus accounts to deliver maximum business value.

Account Engagement (Focus), Project net sales and Project specified sales.

Responsibility: Specification and Conversion of Hilti Products and Services

Expected end result
Our products and Services are specified by Owners, Certifiers, Engineers, Architects, Government bodies and other specialist design and engineering personnel onto the assigned infrastructure projects.

Major actions required
Project manage internal teams to execute account development on the assigned focus projects to achieve specifications and conversion to maximise SOW. Where internal roles are unavailable you will need to strategically influence the relevant accounts to ensure successful project outcomes.

Planning captured in Salesforce.  Specification of Hilti products as entered into Salesforce and the successful conversion of specifications into project sales as per the assigned HRP and SOW targets.

Responsibility: Problem Solving 

Expected end result
Provide information and problem solve for both customers and sales team.
Understanding of Hilti’s technical competency as “added-value”.

Major actions required
Document solutions to customer problems, liability claims and specific applications. Communicate solutions to Sales Teams. Technical training for Sales Teams to increase their ability to handle technical enquiries.

Technical service supplied to customers tracked within Salesforce. Training activities provided to the sales force also tracked in Salesforce.

Responsibility: Customer Record Management System

Expected end result
Proactively planned visits with relevant project stakeholders with target outcomes. Accurate records of relevant project stakeholder’s history & potential. All account information kept up to date. All account contact information also kept accurate and up to date. 

Major actions required
Maintenance of Salesforce for each assigned project 

Planned weekly events entered into Salesforce. All relevant information recorded and followed up.

Responsibility: Work, Health and Safety

Expected end result
Provision of a safe and healthy work environment for all team members and visitors.  

Major actions required
Communication of and adherence to policy, procedure and follow up information. Hazard identification, rectification and elimination. Implementation, review and support of workplace safety initiatives. Reporting of all accidents and near misses. Accurate clothing to be worn at all times in accordance with the Corporate Fashion Policy, PPE supplied used in all circumstances when required. 

Accident and near miss reporting, wearing relevant PPE when required, competent in assessing risks and identifying hazards in a variety of environments. 

Responsibility: Asset Management

Expected end result
Conduct business within Company policies and procedures guidelines

Major actions required
Utilise Company assets (Motor vehicle, mobile phone, demonstration equipment, etc) to develop our business whilst operating within agreed expense plans

  • Maintain motor vehicle to required Company standards
  • Meet mobile phone expense guidelines
  • Maintain demonstration equipment
  • Timely resolution of credits and goods returned

Expense and credit plans

Other Duties / Activities

  • Comply with policy and procedures as set down by Executive Leadership Team
  • Values based decision making and actions: Teamwork, Courage, Integrity and Commitment
  • May be required to travel interstate and overseas occasionally
Experience Needed To Apply
  • Degree in relevant Technical Field preferred (e.g. Structural/Civil engineering, or similar)
  • Relevant experience in engineering with proven commercial acumen preferred
  • Valid driver’s licence required
  • Good knowledge of relevant applications with experience in construction, either in design offices or at construction sites
  • Strong project management skills working in construction projects
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills working in a fast-paced commercial environment involving multiple key stakeholders
Visa Requirements

Due to Covid19 immigration restrictions, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Already have a Residency or Work Visa for New Zealand
  2. If travelling to New Zealand, you must have flights and MIQ already booked
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